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Business and Personal Taxes

For self-employed individuals and small businesses

IRS Business Filings

S-Corp, C-Corp and 1065 partnership filings for small businesses. Schedule-C filings for self employed individuals.

We assist with filing, tax strategies, Section 179 deductions, depreciation, and loan application preparation.

Personal Taxes

Personal 1040 tax filings in conjunction with business or self employed tax filings.

Estimated payments, W-2, 1099-NEC, and K-1 income, Schedule-C, investment income, and credits.

Payroll Taxes

L&I, UI, PFML, W-2’s, W-3, 940, 941 and 1099’s.

Assistance with payroll tax filings and account setups with various agencies.

WA Excise Taxes

WA sales tax, excise tax, and use tax

Monthly, quarterly and annual filings for small businesses. Retail, wholesale, and service business designations. Resellers permit and deductions for tax paid.